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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Post Surgery Update Part 2

To pick up where I left off.....

Monday night wasn't the greatest due to the pain and nausea. I think it was one of the worst from any of the surgeries I had before due to the fact it was done so late in the day. My body didn't have any energy and all I wanted to do was sleep. Which in the hospital isn't the easiest thing because you someone is always checking in on your vitals, medication, scans, case managers, neuro team, etc.

Okay....Back to to food! My stomach was able to tolerate some applesauce and apple juice at around 5am on Tuesday. And about 8am I was moved to a regular diet....woo hoo! I'm a pretty plain eater in general so I just had some wheat toast and strawberry yogurt. Even though I am not a yogurt fan I do recommend having at least one per day while on antbiotics to get the good bacteria back into your digestive tract. I usually take probiotics on a daily basis as well.

I had to keep my head wrapped for about 36 hours after surgery. I had some leakage on the bandage which was in the shape of a heart (see picture below). One of the nurse's pointed it out for me and took the picture. I know it might sound a little strange, but I believe it was a sign from above sending love and letting me know that everything was going to be okay. :-)

Bandage is now officially off and I'm resting at my mom's house. My pain has subsided a bit, so I'm down to pain meds every 8 hours now. I can definitely tell when I need them again because I get sharp, shooting jolts of pain in clusters. And I'm using a breathing device every other hour when I am awake to help my lung strength/capacity again. Sometimes too much of that can cause head pains.

I am also dealing with more nausea again, but luckily I have meds for that. I haven't had much of an appetite today, but I'm doing to try and eat a little more in the next few hours. Hopefully the nausea will stay away this time!

And the best news for last.....NO PICC LINE this time!!! :-)

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