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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Side Effects

One of the scariest things about any brain surgery is the side effects you face following it. My tumor/cyst was close to area in the brain that effects motor function. I noticed that I do have issues with speech which pretty much occur on a daily basis. Most people I know say they don't really recognize it, but I certainly do. I occasionally get numbness in my right leg/foot, but overall that's very minor.  

I came across this news story about a 12 year old girl in Texas that had a benign brain tumor removed and it damaged part of her hypothalamus in the process. As a side effect she now suffers from uncontrollable hunger. Cincinnati Children's Hospital will be performing the gastric bypass surgery. More information can be found the link below. Although I feel this will help in the short term I don't know if it's the right long term solution.