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Friday, December 27, 2013

Last day of home care

Today I was officially discharged from home care! Woo hoo! Although I loved my home care nurse I was definitely ready to be done. This was probably the easiest visit because I didn't have a picc line, so there was no dressing to change. We just did vitals and she looked at my incision to make sure it looked okay. She did notice that the swelling had gone down, skin was not red at all, and that my stitches were looser.... which means I'm healing pretty well. As I mentioned to her that after the 5th time my head is pretty used to it and knows what to do!

Later next week I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon to get my stitches removed. Which I am soooo ready for since they have started to itch a bit. Plus I really want my hair cut and highlight within the next couple of weeks, so can't have stitches for that!

Lastly I've been cleared by my surgeon to start working from home starting on Monday. Not that I really want to, but I could use the money since the medical bills are starting to roll in. *Lovely*

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