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Monday, November 18, 2013

Just another maniac monday.....

I had my weekly visit from my home nurse early this morning. Her visits normally last about 90 minutes to 2 hours depending upon how my picc line is cooperating. I'm still having trouble with one of my ports, so she administered cathflow to help. It's basically drano for a picc line. Although you can only use it twice per port. Not quite sure why. Anyhow, she did use the cathflow on the wrong port this morning. Oopsies. Well at least that one is fully working!

Okay, back to my visit......She was able to get my 4 tubes of blood, which they use to test all sorts of levels: vancomycin, red blood cell, white blood cell, etc. And then she took all my vitals and changed my dressing on my picc line. That part isn't fun because it's like having to pull off one BIG band-aid. I know, I know....after all I have been through I am complaining about THAT!

Migraine Update: They seem to come on about every other day now. I brought this up to my ID doctor at my Friday appointment. As expected it is one of the side effects of Vancomycin that I'm just going to have to deal with. I'm sure my liver isn't happy about the amount of advil I have take in order to get rid of it. I really have no choice though. I'll be so happy to get off this stuff. It's caused a lot more issues these last 14 days than ever! I've had to put on additional meds to help my body deal with the vanco. Crazy huh? Plus I know it's pretty hard on my veins too.

Once I am off this I am going to celebrate with a really good bottle of wine!! Hey now....I have to look forward to something! The only strong stuff I get now is 6 hours a day of IV antibiotics. Yippee.....

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