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Monday, November 11, 2013

Home Care


It can be overwhelming when you receive your first set of supplies from home care. The first shipment will be the largest since they are getting everything setup for you and your home care nurse. Here are a few the staple items you can expect to receive:
1. Alcohol wipes: These are used to clean your picc line before and after medication.
2. Flush syringes: Composed of 10ML saline that you will use to flush your picc line before and after your medication. Expect to receive A LOT of these!
3. Dressing Tray Change: Your home care nurse will change your picc line dressing once per week. In this kit where will be a face mask, vinyl gloves, polylined drape, chloraprep swab sticks (to disinfect around the line), dressing sponges, new picc line dressing, tape and a date label. (The nurse will write down the date which he/she changed your dressing)
4. Heparin: Your picc line ports can become "semi-clogged" making it hard to receive medication and/or take blood. The heparin helps to unblock any issues with your line(s). A 5ML syringe is used (yellow colored). (Cathflo can also be used, but nurse must order it from supplier).
5. Precision Guide Needle: To draw blood from other arm.
6. Ports/Extenders: The port(s) on your picc line will be changed weekly, as well as the extender. Extenders are great for those who want or are able to administer the medication themselves.  
7. Hazardous Materials Bin: This is used for the nurse to dispose of any needles or syringes during your care.

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