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Thursday, November 14, 2013


The importance of compromising is something I learned at a young age. Although I have to admit my stubbornness does kick in during compromising every now and then. It certainly did today at a very unlikely the neurosurgeon's office.

The topic....scheduling my next surgery.

Here's a little back story: The last surgery was in mid October to remove a faulty piece of bone cement and titanium mesh. Because the titanium mesh had pierced the skin, which exposed it to air for some time, there was natural infection. Two types were identified in the hospital: general staph and another one with a very long name! Nothing aggressively developed, but I was still put on a picc line so I could be treated with IV antibiotics for 6 weeks before the next procedure.

The argument:
1. Neurosurgeon: Take me off the antibiotics for 2 weeks to see if anything develops. If not, than have second surgery. Continue with another week of IV antibiotics.

2. Patient View (ME!): Have the surgery after the 6 week course of antiobiotics is completed. Stay on IV antibiotics for additional week or two after surgery.

The Issues:
1. Neurosurgeon: By taking the 2 weeks off he will know for sure if there is infection by the way the wound looks. Also risk infection of picc line by keeping it in an additional 2 weeks and without use for 2 weeks.

2. Patient (ME..again): I feel it's better to have 6 weeks of continuous IV antibiotics, have the next surgery and proceed with another 2 weeks of IV antibiotics afterward. It also takes out the risk of having the picc line getting infected.  

 I also am taking into account FMLA and my 12 week work absence, as well as recovery. I will have more time to recover by having it done my way. If I have it on the neurosurgeon's timeline I'm running into crazy hospital time (Xmas/New Years) and also running this process into 2014. *Sigh*

I'm willing to compromise on the time, but 2 weeks is too long for the many reasons I listed above. I have a follow up with my ID doctor tomorrow, so fingers crossed he's TEAM NATALIE!

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