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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sutures out

My sutures were removed last Thursday and needless to say I was very happy! My surgeon was impressed at the way my incision was healing and lack of any complications. Occasionally I get a few light, sharp pains, but they are pretty few and far between now. I still have restrictions on what I can do... like working out, coloring/cutting hair, etc. 

My surgeon is pretty stubborn so I basically take what he says and cut it in half (or less)! For instance he wants me to wait until May to get my hair highlighted....basically 6 month post surgery. That's a joke. I've been through this before and even other neuro teams in hospitals say 3-4 weeks. I refrained from telling him I booked an appointment for next Tuesday. Yeah....I'm stubborn too!

My hair is continuing to grow at a pretty decent rate. I'm hoping to have an updated picture for my next post! Stay tuned! 


  1. Could you please discuss, when you're feeling up to it, why you've had 5 brain surgeries? Have you had problems with severe depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, low energy, or anything else you don't mind sharing? I have, and somedays I feel too depressed to get out of bed. Any dizzy spells? Scar tissue pain? Vision issues? You're in my prayers.

  2. Sure! I'll actually create another blog post to go through why I've had 5 surgeries later today for you. I do have a history of depression/anxiety, which I take medication for. This is something I've dealt with prior to surgeries and not a result of them.It's not easy and I can understand not wanting to get out of bed. Surround yourself with positive things that make you feel better. For me it is certain people, my animals, exercise, daily funny calendar, etc. I do have low energy and I believe that's a result of the seizure medication. The doctors have said that you're body gets used to it, but after 6 years it hasn't happened. I do take a multi-vitamin with a higher dose of vitamin b complex to help with energy. And I probably consume more caffeine than I should! I do have forgetfulness, but I usually attribute that to my fast paced work environment. To help overcome this I am a big list maker, so I write everything down. I don't get dizzy spells, have any scar tissue pain or vision issues. This might be a result of your medication. I would check with your doctor. Have you had a recent head MRI?