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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back in the swing of things

I'm 36 days post-op and couldn't feel better. I actually feel like my "normal" self again. The "sparks" or "zaps" I used to get around my incision have subsided. Although I did experience one or two over the weekend, but that was during the consumption of some alcohol. I am note sure if that really had anything to do with it. As usual I am still careful not to drink too much or workout too hard. I'm doing everything pretty much on a gradual basis. 

I do have a confession. I had my hair cut and highlighted a week ago, despite my neurosurgeon's warning. I've been through this before and technically waiting 4 weeks is pretty standard. Plus they use foils so the color never really is on your scalp. And of course my incision area wasn't highlighted. My stylist was also very careful with making sure there was little to no heat on my head. issues!

I'm scheduled for a follow up at the end of the month, but I might push that appointment back just a little :)

On a completely different side note I have a request. If you've been reading my posts you know the last year has had it's good share of ups and downs. And right now a certain person in my life was hit with another "down" yesterday. I ask for prayers and good thoughts that things will turn around and this person will gain strength and get through this. And hopefully come out better than before. Thank you!

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