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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello Dr Newton!

It's not everyday you receive a direct call from your neurologist! And today was that day.....

I had been recently talking to his nurse about when to schedule my yearly MRI scan. They wanted to see me this year and my last scan was after my December 2013 surgery. As many know after one or two surgeries your pockets are pretty empty. My goal was to schedule my scan in early 2015, but the nurse wanted to just double check with the doctor. Mainly this was due to the fact that I was suppose to have a follow up with him after surgery, but I cancelled it. I had all my surgery follow ups with my neurosurgeon, so why pay a $60 co-pay to be told the exact same thing.....right?!?!

Anyhow, back to the phone call......

Apparently they are doing a new study on certain brain tumors/cysts. As Dr Newton mentioned to me on the phone how very, very, very rare mine was. (I am sure my BP went up a bit when he said that) So rare that they wanted to go back and get all my pre-operative scans from different facilities. He asked if I personally had any of these. Hmmm......that was a big fat NO. I don't know many people that have copies of there MRI/CT scans. X-rays....maybe. I called my primary doctor and got all the info of where my scans (pre-op) were done. Now the rest is up to them......

I guess by the time I go back in early 2015 I will have an idea if my case was used! Too bad I can't get royalties out this!! Darn.....


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